Play competitive games and unlock rewards

  • Cyberyal provides an easy and affordable way to monetize the gaming
  • Attract new talents to eSports
  • Make eSports available to everyone 
  • Change the perception of gaming from a futile pastime
  • Help to unleash potential to individuals who have not yet found their calling in other areas.

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PvP challenges

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.


Start a championship or join an existing one. Challenge your friends or strangers to prove that you are the most skilled player among all.


Measure your results using our convenient reports. You can quickly filter, export, and drill down into the data with just a few clicks.


Improve your or someone's skills, enhance time management & mindset, improve teamwork, provide game knowledge and offer eSports career guidance.

Play your favorite games


Find others to play with in seconds! You’ll get matched with equally ranked and like-minded gamers to improve your skill and learn from the best.

Problems we solve

Low income and a difficult entry point into the eSports industry

Social disapproval of gaming as a rewarding activity, and the market's focus on the professional championships

Cheaters and dishonest players

Unbalanced matches

Tournament — intense gaming showdown

Witness nail-biting battles, extraordinary strategies, and exceptional teamwork as players vie for the championship title. Enter the thrilling arena of high-stakes gaming, where competitors showcase their skills in popular titles. With an exciting lineup of matches and expert commentary, immerse yourself in each heart-pounding moment. Are you ready for the challenge?

Coaching — elevate your gaming skills

Unlock your true potential with personalized coaching designed to elevate your gaming skills. Our expert coaches provide tailored strategies, in-depth analysis, and valuable insights to help you excel in your favorite games. Through focused sessions and constructive feedback, watch your abilities soar to new heights. Are you prepared to transform your gameplay?

PvP — Compete, Conquer, Claim Rewards

Dive into exhilarating PvP action where you'll compete, conquer, and claim incredible rewards. Challenge players from around the globe in thrilling matches that test your skills and strategic prowess. Prove your dominance across a variety of popular games and climb the ranks to earn your spot among the elite. Are you ready to conquer the arena and claim your rewards?

Cyberyal Affiliate program

We've designed a referral program so you could invite your friends and get bonuses and prizes for their victories. More details: