About us

Cyberyal is an online platform for eSports tournaments, challenges and educational events. Users can participate for free, on a paid basis, and create their own tournaments with a variety of mechanics and tournament regulations. Apart from organizing matches, Cyberyal provides mediation in educational services.

A little about the possibilities


Elevate your gaming experience with robust mechanics designed for competitive play and skill improvement. Compete with others, sharpen your gaming abilities, and embrace the thrill of growth.

PvP challenges

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.


Start a championship or join an existing one. Challenge your friends or strangers to prove that you are the most skilled player among all.


Measure your results using our convenient reports. You can quickly filter, export, and drill down into the data with just a few clicks.


Improve your or someone's skills, enhance time management & mindset, improve teamwork, provide game knowledge and offer eSports career guidance.

Problems we solve

Low income and a difficult entry point into the eSports industry

Social disapproval of gaming as a rewarding activity, and the market's focus on the professional championships

Cheaters and dishonest players

Unbalanced matches

Our team

Jaska Litvinov

Jaska Litvinov

Co-Founder & CEO

An engineer and entrepreneur from Finland. Led teams in the media, forestry and startup industries. He is responsible for partner relations, corporate processes, project's philosophy and project development control.

Alexander Tsivin

Alexander Tsivin


Video Game industry analyst and streamer. Optimizes resources and cash flows, develops service mechanics and influencer partnership programs. Also he is responsible for project economics.

Alex Solyar

Alex Solyar

Chief Architect

Chief architect, leading system analyst, head of the technical department with experience in many IT projects, including the Innotech group of companies, author of interactive analytics blocks on employee performance, as well as Self Service HR.

Roma Kogan

Roma Kogan


Head of marketing departments with ten years of experience. Launched startups in Russia, Georgia, and Germany. Has founded two advertising agencies and two charitable organizations. Responsible for advertising strategy and user experience in the company.



Team leader

Go and FullStack, Software Engineer with 6 years of development experience. He was part of a team at a fintech institution. He is the team leader of the technical department.

Galina Gerasenkova

Galina Gerasenkova

Head of human resources

Head of Human Resources with over 15 years of experience in managing people and processes. Founded an advertising agency. Also has experience working with NGOs and the media.

Yexela Sirin

Yexela Sirin

Art Director

An artist and designer with extensive experience. Engaged in the development of promotional materials and their control. Represents the interests of the company in the media environment.


Viljar Annerviek

Viljar Annerviek

The chairman of the company with over then 20 years of business experience in USA, Estonia and Finland. Has a high level of managing people and influence in his business area. In the company he is also a reliable mentor and investor.

Peter Vesterbacka

Peter Vesterbacka

Entrepreneur, marketer, programmer and philanthropist. Marketing director of Rovio and founder of the Slush startup conference. Peter launched the educational initiative Fun Academy Future Astronauts, participated in the creation of FinEst Tunnel and a huge number of projects to improve the lives of millions of people. He was named one of the 100 most influential people on the planet by TIME magazine in 2011 and one of the top 10 in 2015.




2021 - 2025




    Start of works on the project;

    First prototype.



    Audience research;


    Pre-seed round of investment.


2023 Q1

    Team building;

    Platform design;

    Marketing strategy development;

    Project documentation creation.


2023 Q2

    Processes optimization;

    Seed round investment;

    Platform's open beta test;

    Release of the first version of the site;

    Collaborations with streamers.


2023 Q4

    Release of the extended version of the site, major bugfixes;

    in-game integration;

    Integrations with messengers and social networks;

    Our first championship.


2024 Q1

    Investment round A;

    Gamification release;

    Integrating in-game economics.


2024 Q2

    Mobile app release;

    Marketplace release.


2024 Q4

    Social release.


2025 Q1

    Software launch.

Become an investor

We view ourselves as a loyal and reliable partner and strive to meet the expectations of those who trust us.
Investing into Cyberyal platform is an opportunity to join a fast growing company in a steadily growing market, it is also an access to a well established team of experienced professionals and young talents.

We are open for partnership

We have some great offers for all, who make, support and love video games

Streamers and bloggers

Get yourself a friendly platform where you can play, create content and participate in custom special projects and collaborations, developed personally for you on the best conditions.

Game developers and publishers

We can integrate some of our functionality into your game, so you don't have to develop matchmaking and economic systems yourself. You can connect with other games and get more steadily paying users.

Championships organizers

Create a custom challenge, find sponsors and new faces with our help, we provide best conditions for those who strive to engage new champions into the eSports.


We are always open to new opportunities. If you have an idea that sounds interesting, don't be afraid to contact us. We totally welcome your ideas and will be happy to discuss opportunities.

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