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How our affiliate campaign works

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    Create Cyberyal ID

    You must register with us using your details. This will allow us to track your participation in the program, as well as provide you with the necessary information about tasks and rewards.

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    Get Ready

    We will provide everything you need to spread the word—your unique referral link for download, banners, and guidelines.

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    Maximize exposure and drive traffic by sharing your unique referral link across various platforms, engaging with potential customers, and leveraging eye-catching promotional materials provided by the program.

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    Earn rewards for each referred user who installs and registers through your unique link, transforming your promotional efforts into a lucrative income stream while expanding the program's user base.

What is required for beginners to start in an affiliate program?

To become a successful partner, you'll need to have a strong online presence, such as a blog, social media account, or website, where you can effectively promote services. Engage with your audience by creating high-quality, relevant content that showcases the value and benefits of the offerings. Be consistent and authentic in your approach, and utilize marketing tools like banners, promotional materials, and your unique referral link. As you drive traffic and conversions, you'll not only help grow the brand but also earn commissions for your work.

Social Media

Promote on social media, engage followers, and earn commissions as an affiliate by sharing your unique referral link with captivating content.


Share affiliate links in blog posts, provide valuable insights, and earn commissions from conversions generated by your engaging content.


Feature affiliate links on your website, drive traffic through targeted promotions, and earn commissions from successful conversions.


Leverage your affiliate links with your audience, and earn commissions through their engagement and conversions.

Cyberyal Affliate Program

Embrace the opportunity to earn with Cyberyal Gaming Platform's affiliate program, designed to empower you with valuable resources and tools to effectively promote the platform. As you drive traffic to Cyberyal, you'll reap the benefits of impressive conversion rates and substantial payouts. With our comprehensive support, including eye-catching banners, compelling promotional materials, and your unique referral link, you'll be well-equipped to engage your audience and monetize your influence. So, join the Cyberyal success story and turn your passion for gaming into a lucrative venture, all while expanding the platform's thriving community.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to participate in the gaming platform's affiliate program?

How can I receive my earned commissions?

What advertising materials are provided to affiliates of the gaming platform?

How is my activity tracked within the affiliate program?

Can I become an affiliate if I don't have my own website or a YouTube channel?

Join Cyberyal affiliate program, promote our gaming platform with provided resources, and earn commissions from successful referrals. Boost your income while sharing your gaming passion!